Diynamic® Music  — Brand identity, campaign, and mobile app for an electronic record label.
Diynamic® Music, Prototype

Diynamic® holds significant sway in the electronic music realm. As a prominent record label, it shapes the genre's evolution and unique sonic landscape. Hosting annual festivals and showcases, Diynamic® adds a dynamic layer to the electronic music scene. Originating as an underground label in 2006 with a DIY ethos, Do It Yourself, it was founded by Solomun and Adriano Trolio in Hamburg. Since then, it has grown into one of the hottest global imprints. I served as the in-house Art Director from 2016 to 2023.

Area of work
Brand Identity, Digital Platform, Animations, User Interface, User Experience, Print Collateral, Guidelines

The visual concept  for the festival is inspired by scenes and snapshots from Diynamic events. Various scenes are edited together into a dynamic collage, characterized by an overexposed presentation. The highlight color is Coral Red, adding a distinct accent to the overall look. Design System. The homepage features brief video clips from recent festivals and highlights essential information about upcoming events. Exclusive merchandise, including festival wristbands, reflects the brand's colors and emphasizes the wordmark. Detailed event information, full lineups, timetables, and venue details are prominently presented. The app allows for live streaming with sharing options and viewer statistics. Artist pages provide the latest event updates and easy access to their performances at the festival. The menu provides essential information, while the 'Pro Login' feature offers enhanced functionality for business clients and label members. 

Legal Notice. The showcased images and video clips in this project are solely for illustration and promotional purposes. It is important to emphasize that this festival is merely a prototype and does not take place online. It serves solely as a component of my portfolio.

Project Year