Bet Heroes™ — Visual Identity and Mobile App for a Free-Play Sports Betting & Prediction Game Community.

Bet Heroes™ Sportsbook

is a community of sports enthusiasts who love betting and prediction games. It's a gaming platform where you can enjoy competitions and games related to sports betting. Our site and app offer a free-play sports book with real events and odds for sports enthusiasts. I was the In-house Art Director from 2017 to 2023.

Area of work
Brand Identity, Brand Design, Digital Platform, App Icon, User Interface, User Experience, Print Collateral, Guidelines

Explore my Adobe XD prototype in action. 

Visual Concept. Boring gambling and betting topics are transformed into dynamic and trendy web experiences on our site. Utilizing vibrant sports imagery, playful motion design, and engaging storytelling, we captivate audiences. With dedicated landing pages for contests and organized leaderboards, users can participate, vie for prizes, and interact socially. Each contest employs a unique ranking system based on chips, with prizes ranging from sponsor rewards to accolades for top performers. Our intelligent Betslip adapts to each contest, offering real-time tracking and captivating animations. The app provides continuous entertainment, with users earning benefits based on engagement. Convenient features like winnings, predictions, and favorites are easily accessible. Seamless navigation, intuitive searching, and instant updates through our notification system enhance the user experience. 

Design System. The website embodies a sophisticated blend of modern design and dynamic athleticism. The app design is grounded in a palette of dark gray tones, evoking an atmosphere of elegance and style. Following a flat design philosophy, clarity takes precedence in every aspect. The deliberate absence of elaborate shadows or gradients contributes to a clean and streamlined interface.

Project Year