Huet® WiFi Secure — Product development and brand identity for a network tool.

Huet® Hunt Uncover Efficient Technology — Prototype

It's a network security application that performs quick checks, provides instant device insights, and detects hidden threats - all in one simple, user-friendly tool.

Area of work
Product Development, Brand Identity, Digital Platform, User Interface, User Experience, Logo Design, Editorial , Print Collateral, Guidelines, Naming

The visual concept employs a grayscale palette with a distinct accent color to craft a cozy ambiance. Images evoke warmth and comfort, ensuring users feel secure. The app's modular framework allows for customization. On the homepage and during login, individuals are depicted using their devices, with a window symbolizing external connections. Warm colors reinforce the app's sense of security. Huet® focuses on safeguarding your network and keeping you informed. It offers mobile management and control capabilities. In the advertisement, the model conveys a tranquil atmosphere on one hand, with slow movements enhancing this impression, while on the other hand, the viewer is observed through a large eye in the teaser. For added protection, Huet® Pro includes an external box with an extended radius and real-time network change notifications.

Design System. The app simplifies network management by allowing users to easily access and edit settings from the homepage. This approach ensures efficiency and user-friendliness. Using a palette of grays with a distinct accent color, the design exudes elegance. Warm, familiar images enhance the sense of security. Key information is displayed in rounded, flexible boxes for improved readability and engagement. The website features a clean, modern design, complemented by motion elements for enhanced user experience.

Huet is a product developed by Oliver Rado
Photography:  Anna Nekrashevich, Artem Podrez

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